VT033 | Clara Maïda: artificial intelligence and artistic vigilance

In this episode, French composer Clara Maïda (1963) shares “a few thoughts about some aspects of AI and about the conception of the Human psyche that lies in the background of this technology. Starting with a reflection on algorithmic systems and the excessive decision power given to AI, the podcast seems to have finally turned into a kind of manifesto for the psychic unconscious, the world of affects, sensations, imagination and artistic practice, all these ways of apprehending the world that lead to an attempt to free oneself from the possible alienation that we undergo in our social systems.” 

📷 Douglas Henderson

(a)utom@ton [2024] // Web-wake [2017] // Web-wave [2016] // King(a)abstract [2012] // Shel(l)ter – hinter… ( ) …Eiter [2010] // Shel(l)ter – später… ( ) …Winter [2009] // Kinê-Diffr(a)t [2008] // Fluctuatio (in)animi [2006] // Via rupta [2005]

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