VT025 | Leigh Landy: giving sounds a new thought

In this episode of Vortex Temporum, Leigh Landy (1951) first shares his sadness about the lack of impact of most innovative music and suggests that things don’t have to be this way. He then engages in a dialogue with re-re-composed samples from his Radio Series in which connections with listeners’ experience are made, attempting to demonstrate, as stated in German in the final sample of this podcast, that ‘everything that you hear turns into musical sound’.


Oh là la radio [F, 2007] (8 ch) // To BBC or Not [UK, 2008] (8 ch) // Radio-aktiv [D, 2011] // China Radio Sound [CN, 2013] (5.1) made in collaboration with students from the Shenyang Conservatory of Music // Mezihlas — Přeshlas – Nahlas (Radio – Voice – Overs) [CZ, 2017] (8 ch) // On the Éire [IRL, NI, 2018] (8 ch) // Aplican Términos y Condiciones [MX, 2022] (8 ch)

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