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  • VT008 | Richard Barrett: natural causes

    Richard Barrett (Swansea, 1959) shares some inner thoughts about two poets with whom he worked: Harry Gilonis e Simon Howard (1960 – 2013), respectively authors of the texts Barrett used in eye-blink (1) [2020] and natural causes [2016-17]. credits:eye-blink (1) [2020] | Alinéa Ensemble // natural causes – act 3 [2017] | Musikfabrik

  • VT007 | Dmitri Kourliandski: to lose a place

    The first Vortex Temporum’s episode of 2023 (the seventh of this podcast series) bring us a few reflections on life and music by the Russian composer Dmitri Kourliandski (Moscow, 1976), living in France since last year. His words are here complemented with an excerpt from his most recent single. credits:abandoned playgrounds | mats scheidegger […]

  • VT006 | Michael Edwards: foreign (being)

    Essen based British composer, improvisor and software developer Michael Edwards (Cheshire, 1968) combines extraordinary intelligence with a brilliant sense of humour. In the sixth episode of Vortex Temporum, while sharing a few excerpts of his music, Michael Edwards tells us about a few things that he normally bitches about when prevented from talking about music. […]

  • VT005 | Tiago Cutileiro: becoming time

    Another piece of art is what Berlin based Portuguese composer Tiago Cutileiro brings us on the fifth episode of Vortex Temporum podcast. He tells us about time, our perception of time and who we are between the memory of whom we were and who will we be. Cutileiro (Lisbon, 1967) is an artist who chose […]

  • VT004 | Lei Liang: luminous darkness

    In the fourth episode of Vortex Temporum podcast, Lei Liang tells us how the work of the Chinese painter Huang Binhong (黄宾虹) became an important source of inspiration to his own work as a composer. Winner of the Grawemeyer Award and a Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Music, Lei Liang (Tianjin, 1972) is a Chinese […]

  • VT003 | Joanna Bailie: dream bore

    The third episode of Vortex Temporum brings us back to the world of sound art.Rather than revealing her dreams, Joanna Bailie involves us in a path of discovery. We bet it is almost impossible not to feel empathetic towards her on this personal journey, disarmingly keeping the listener on the threads of her warm voice.From the most […]

  • VT002 | Inés Badalo: sonic chiaroscuro

    The second episode of Vortex Temporum is brought to us by Luso-Spanish composer Inés Badalo (Olivença, 1989). Inés tells us about a few artists that interest her – the work of Sebastião and Lélia Salgado (namely ‘Genesis’), Pawel Pawlikowski (director of ‘Ida’ [2013] and ‘Cold War’ [2018]) and Paolo Sorrentino (director of ‘La Grande Bellezza’ [2013]). In […]

  • VT001 | Peter Ablinger: no pod, no cast

    In the first episode of Vortex Temporum podcast, Peter Ablinger reflects on what might a podcast be. Finally, he does music, because music is all he can do. He does it brilliantly, like the genius he is. Peter Ablinger (Schwanenstadt, 1959) is an Austrian composer, a leading figure of our time, someone who can always […]